Het Huis van EIP | 78 MILES duurzaam tassenlabel
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78 MILES duurzaam tassenlabel


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78 MILES inner tube bags

Love rules the world! Love certainly is the most beautiful thing on Earth.

And when we put love in all of the things in life that we touch or handle,

life would be even more extraordinary.

78 MILES is a brand that is born out of this philosophy.

Mother Earth is such a beautiful place,

it’s magical and we have to handle her with care.

So we decided to design a new brand that is fashionable

and a do good for our mother earth.

On large scale we rescue innertubes and reduce landfill waste.

Our products are upcycled, we only use yarn to make our bags.

We are proud of our timeless designs.

Every single person that wears one of our 78 MILES bags

makes us proud to make the change in a fashionable kind of way.